Our Revolutionary Process


Savory Food Creations is committed to producing quality products by starting with quality ingredients. Our ingredients are fresh, raw, and unprocessed. Whenever possible, products are purchased from local suppliers. The meats that go into our products are USDA inspected. Spices are hand mixed in our kitchen to create a perfect blend of flavor. By focusing our attention on ingredients, we are able to create consistent, flavorful products that delight the pallet.


In order to maintain our standard of quality, sanitation and safety we are USDA approved. Through HACCP, ServSafe, SSOP, and GMP guidelines, we ensure product quality, safety, and sanitation.

Cooking Operations:

We cook in small batches in comparison to most other food manufacturers, however we feel this allows us to maintain the integrity and quality of the products we supply. Savory Food Creations is not a fully automated facility, which keeps the human factor of our chefs and cooks as part of our food preparation. Potatoes are hand peeled, vegetables are hand cut, and we braise meats when necessary. Spices are measured for each batch to ensure the right amount of flavor is added to each product. We use a state of the art Cleveland range cook chill system for our products.