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Food Today As We Know It

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At the age of twenty-six years old, and the youngest executive chef of the Walt Disney World company, I had the opportunity to meet Julia personally on three separate occasions. One as past National President of the American Culinary Federation; I was present at the ACF national convention when Burt Cutino, the chairman of the America Academy of Chefs and owner of the Sardine Factory in Monterey, California, awarded her the American Academy of Chefs Lifetime Achievement Award. I was also privileged to assist Julia at Walt Disney World for a demonstration, and at Johnson and Whales University. As I was growing through the ranks of this great profession, I have always taken the opportunity to gather as much information about Julia as I could. She had such an impact on French cuisine as it was becoming popular in this country.


She was without a doubt the driving force behind French cuisine as we know it today. As Julia Child traveled the United Stated it was very evident that thousands of students would be touched by her influence of French cuisine. Many of them are now enjoying a very successful career in the industry today. She was also responsible for the enormous amount of respect that we as culinary professionals now enjoy. I am honored to take part in the celebration of Julia Child. Her spirit will live on in our industry forever.

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